Complaint Monitoring Information System (CMIS) is a monitoring system for NCSC where complaints of scheduled caste are entertained.

CMIS provides the facility to add a complaint and keep track of the complaint.

It provides an authenticated access to every employee and authority can be assigned to each employee as per requirement.

The privilege assigned by the super admin to any of the user is only accessed by him.

CMIS makes the task much simpler and faster. It also provides the flexibility to send the complaint from one state office to other state office if required.

The system keeps a proper track of what action is taken on which complaint and by whom.

Alerts are provided through mails, to keep the employee updated and reduce their burden.

Every time they set a reminder for any complaint, they will receive an alert mail on the completition of the time period.

Reports/Search option is provided with which they can easily figure out the how many complaints are pending or how many complaints are new.

They can also search complaints state wise, wing wise, category wise etc.

Undoubtedly, with the use of CMIS the process of handling complaints will be faster.

CMIS is a 24x7 online system, which provide the facility to register a complaint online and also to track the status of the complaint.

Once the petitioner registers the complaint online successfully, he gets a complaint reference number for his complaint.

To track the status of his complaint in future he, just needs to enter his complaint reference number and he can check the current status of the complaint.

CMIS provides various features which makes the process much more simpler and faster. It is beneficial for both petitioner as well as NCSC employees